Edible rose petals turn an average dish into a stunning dish beautifully studded with vibrant color and lovely rose flavor. I have found dried petals online for a small fortune and decided to make them at home instead.

The most crucial step is to find no-spray, pesticide-free roses. Remember, you and your friends will be eating them so you don’t want roses sprayed with chemicals. Farmer’s markets are a good place to start because you can speak directly with the growers and ask if they use chemicals.  Other good places are local organic markets, your own garden or ask a neighbor who has a green thumb.

Choose vibrant, pretty colors that will complement your culinary needs.  Deep reds, vibrant pinks, and sunny yellows are all so pretty in desserts, salads, or crushed and sprinkled over grilled meats.

Turn your oven onto lowest setting. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Gently pluck rose petals from flowers.

Place petals on cookie sheet ensuring that the petals are not touching.

Bake/dry in oven for 2-3 hours, turning once or twice.

Use as whole petals or lightly crush. I like to leave my petals whole and crush if needed at the time for a particular dish.

Store in airtight container.