Portland, Oregon / 11.6.17

This post shows the pretty finishing touches coming in.  You can click on links to before pictures, demo, the process, and days 17-35.  My next post will show the “after pictures”.  Please keep a look out for it!

Day #35 What to do with a space dedicated for a TV

Our family hasn’t had cable or a TV in our great room for years.  Even with teenage boys no one misses TVs.  Today if you want to watch an NBA game, “Stranger Things” or the Tour de France you can buy it online and watch it on a device.  We have a big, old nook in our great room originally made for an armoire.  It would be an ideal spot for a big flat screen.  What we did instead was build in three gorgeous floating shelves.

Day #40 Here comes the fun stuff

After the tile, paint, baseboards, etc. now what I call “the jewelry”.  The pretty things that I have been waiting for.  Seen here is my new main kitchen faucet.  What a statement piece!

Wolf oven range.  This is my crown jewel.

Day #44 Oh yes I did!

On another note, we hung formal dining room wallpaper.  I have a true fear of wallpaper.  I remember using a Paper Tiger in my 20’s to take down sheets and sheets of paper in my first home in SE Portland.  It was horrible and I vowed never to hang wallpaper again…ever.  Well, my designer is so wonderful and convinced me to give it a try.  The verdict?  I love it and plan to vacate the house before it goes out of style!

Stay tuned for my next post which will show the after shots.  My furniture will be delivered in two days which is Day #47!