Portland, Oregon / 8.22.17

After 13 years of living in my home we are finally remodeling our kitchen.  I love my kitchen, but it definitely needs an update.  It’s dark, the countertops are dated, the oven range doesn’t work, and I hate the peach flooring.  Since the kitchen is attached to a great room we are also remodeling our informal living and dining rooms.  The hideous peach tile also runs into the laundry room, pantry, and cleaning closet.  They will be out of commission too during the remodel.  Oy!  Everything must be ripped up.  My designer gave me an estimate of six weeks of construction.

Here are some current pictures of our living spaces to be remodeled.  Don’t judge, I’m getting them remodeled!  LOL

Before – The kitchen:

Before – The informal living area:

Before – Informal dining area:Everything will be replaced, even the fireplace.  The only things that will remain are the window coverings, the tall tree in our living area, refrigerator, wine refrigerator, dishwashers, wall oven, and microwave.  The remodel is scheduled to begin in October.

One thing I am very excited about is that I am no longer choosing surfaces and furnishings based on the question “Will they show dirt?”  The first time we bought furniture I had two toddler boys.  All I cared about was that everything was a brown, muddy color.  My boys are now 12 and 14.  I can choose lighter fabrics and lighting fixtures that I like not fearing that they are too nice and may get destroyed.  I will have a living space that I choose over something that hides dirt.  Hooray!

My interior designer is Taryn Emerson of Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Her website is http://tarynemerson.com/.  I first found Taryn listed in Houzz and loved her portfolio.  Then while I was reading her reviews I noticed one of my friends had reviewed her.  I had been at my friend’s house several times and remember always admiring it.  Taryn is wonderful to work with.  She is professional, polished and she has excellent taste.  I look forward to remodeling my spaces with her.

I have been through a full kitchen remodel in the past and think I am as ready as I can be.  The only fear I really have is that our laundry room is being remodeled too.  I will have about two weeks without a washer and dryer.  You can find me at the local Laundromat in October.