Portland, Oregon / 8.28.17

Feast Portland is fast approaching.  Feast is the premiere food and drink event celebrating everything awesome and delicious in Portland, Oregon.  Tickets are going fast, but there is still availability to some incredible events.  Links to events, participants, and hotels are included in this post and you will also find tips on how to make the most of this food lovers’ extravaganza.

What is Feast Portland?

Feast is a celebration of all of the food and drinks that make our part of the nation awesome.  The event runs from September 14-17, 2017.  Participants include artisans, chefs, breweries & cider houses, distilleries, wineries and tastemakers such as Blue Star Donuts, Salt & Straw, Tea Bar, Deschutes Brewery, Clear Creek Distillery, Erath Winery, Stoller Family Estate, and Troy MacLarty of Bollywood Theater.  For a full list of Feast participants, click here.

The weekend of feasting includes main events, fun-size events, dinners, and hands-on classes.  You can sign up for packages or a la carte.  A link to all Feast events here.

(Photo credit above: Pechluck Laskey / @pechluck)

Not only does Feast celebrate our incredible bounty of foods, the event gives back to the community through charitable giving.  Since its inception, Feast has raised over $300,000 to help end childhood hunger in Oregon and across the country. Keep an eye out on Feast’s social media channels for updates on their charitable activities and how you can get involved.

Who Can Attend?

Feast Portland is open to anyone who loves to eat and drink.  Tickets are going fast and some events are sold out.  Click here for a link to remaining events and availability.  TIP:  If this is your first Feast event I highly recommend “The Package” (which still has availability as of 8/28/17).  The package includes all five Feast Portland main events:

  • One pass to the Friday and Saturday Grand Tasting
  • One pass to the Sandwich Invitational
  • One pass to the Night Market
  • One pass to Smoked!
  • One pass to Brunch Village

The above events are all-inclusive so you’ll enjoy days of eating and drinking with the festival’s best chefs, artisans, winemakers, brewers and distillers.

TIPS for Success:

As a past attendee I have a few tips for a successful Feast.

  • Wear comfortable shoes.  I wore heels at my first Feast (see pic at right).  My feet were killing me after an hour and I could barely walk to get more tapas or wine.  It was pathetic!  Best bet, wear sandals or tennis shoes.  Portland is chill and casual and your feet will thank you.
  • Have fun.  You will be surrounded by rabid food lovers.  Enjoy yourself, be open to meeting people, smile and make friends.  My favorite people have always been food lovers.
  • Pace yourself.  Our incliniation is to starve ourselves all day in preparation for Feast.  By the time the event begins we are hangry.  Within the first hour it is easy to become stuffed.  What I’ve learned is there is plenty of great food that won’t run out.  Pace your eating and drinking so you can go hours and hours.
  • Take advantage of Portland’s awesome transit system.  Portland has MAX trains, bus lines, the Portland streetcar and CTRAN. Walk over, bike down or load up the family and drive.
  • Consider Uber or Lyft if you need a ride home.
  • Consider making it a big event and staying at a hotel for the night or weekend.  A list of nearby Feast-friendly hotels here.